Meeting dates and Call for 2021 Committees

Posted 6 months ago by Charlene Kramer

Hello NCENA!

2020 has been quite a year!  As we look ahead to 2021, I thought I would share with you our meeting dates and send out a call for 2021 committee members!  Our meeting will be on Google Meet, instead of the conference line we have traditionally used.  Detailed information on how to join will be included on our website once the board sets up the meetings.  I know it is great to get together and see each other, but with COVID on the rise we will set up our monthly meetings virtually with the hope of having some in-person meetings as soon as it is safe and feasible.  Fortunately, we are able to have our awards banquet in person because we were able to find a restaurant with a large room and limit the attendance.  We can discuss on our call-in January, but in the meantime, here are our meeting dates for 2021 – the first Friday of the month, with a couple of exceptions for holidays

January 8th @ 08:00 (first Friday is New Year’s Day)

February 5th @ 08:00 (possible in-person meeting – depending on COVID)

March 5th @ 08:00

April 2nd @ 08:00

May 7th @ 08:00 (possible in-person meeting – depending on COVID)

June 4th @ 08:00

July – no meeting – Happy 4th of July

August 13th ** DELEGATE MEETING** and State council meeting – this is a bit later so we can meet closer to Nationals

September 3rd -*NO MEETING* (Labor Day weekend)

September 22nd -25th National Conference, assuming General Assembly will be the Tuesday before, we will update as we get more information.  The EN21 planning committee is hard at work designing an event that will be engaging, innovative, and accessible for all with in-person and virtual options.

Oct 1st @ 08:00

Nov 5th – The NC Emergency Nurses Symposium will be on Nov 4th and 5th in Asheville, we will have a meeting at the conference.  More details to come

Dec 3rd @ 08:00



Our 2021 committees will be very similar to 2020, please see below for brief descriptions of the committee responsibilities.

Please send a letter of intent to including why the committee is of interest to you and if you desire to be the chairperson. 

Awards and Scholarships – coordinate state and annual awards process.  Disseminate information

Certifications – gather BCEN certification data for NC and share it at meetings.  Promote and celebrate new BCEN certifications in NC.  Plan and coordinate certification review courses in NC, including collaborating/assisting with chapters with certification review courses.

Education – Plan education state conference in coordination with the NCENA board.  Plan education events in collaboration with local chapters for in-person state meetings.

Elections/Nominations – oversee state election process including solicitation and screening of nominations, collecting votes, and disseminating election results.  Develop strategies to improve voting rates for state and national elections.

Emerging professional – recruit/retain/engage emerging emergency professionals (nurse less than 5 years) and student nurses throughout the state.

Fundraising – supporting and overseeing fundraising initiatives and activities within the state and chapters.  Collaborates with the ENA Foundation to assist in local and state fundraising.

Government Affairs - The role of the Government Affairs Chairperson includes developing relationships with legislators and staff and maintaining government relations activities. Participation in ENA Day on the Hill, Informing ENA state council and chapter leaders and members within their state with legislative updates of pertinent legislation within the state legislature. Encourages other ENA members to sign-up for the EN411 Legislative Network and become engaged in public policy discussions.

ISQUIP (Institute for Quality, Safety, and Injury Prevention) - supports and oversees the quality and delivery of quality, safety, and injury prevention initiatives and activities at the local and state level.  Maintains communications about quality, safety, and injury prevention with ENA state council and chapter leaders, volunteers, and ENA headquarters.

Membership – assist the state council or chapter with membership growth and retention. This is achieved through new member recruitment and increased membership satisfaction, which results in members choosing to renew and serving longer to support the organization.

Pediatric – support and oversee the quality and delivery of ENPC courses within the state

Social Media – responsible for managing and promoting all NCENA events, celebrations on NCENA social media sites.

Trauma - support and oversee the quality and delivery of TNCC courses within the state