ENA Foundation Scholarships - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Posted 6 days ago

The ENA Foundation continues to offer emergency nurses a fantastic opportunity for both academic scholarships and conference (i.e. EN22) scholarships.  The deadline for both is fast approaching:

  • Academic Scholarships -- deadline was extended until May 13
  • Conference Scholarships -- deadline was extended until May 23

You do not need to be an ENA member to apply for the academic scholarships, but that is a requirement for the conference scholarships. The specific requirements for each scholarship is available by clicking HERE.

**Even if you don't need a scholarship, please consider donating to the ENA Foundation to keep the scholarship program alive and well!  Our ENStrong fundraising challenge closes on May 31 -- we would greatly appreciate any donation to our team and help us reach out goal of $10,000.  Even a single $1 donation helps!  Click HERE to donate or check on our team!**