Humanitarian Medical Mission Opportunity - Dominican Republic - October 20-27

Posted 2 months ago

Humanitarian Medical Mission Opportunity

Foundation for Peace - Dominican Republic

October 20-27, 2022

We are excited to announce this opportunity for you to join us on a humanitarian medical mission to the Dominican Republic this year.  Two of our board members, David McDonald and Blake Middleton, will be going and we are looking for others who may be interested in joining the team.  This an excellent opportunity to recharge yourselves, renew your nursing passion, and aid the underserved.  Details about this outstanding opportunity are below:

When:  October 20-27, 2022

Where:  Dominican Republic (underserved areas in/around Santo Domingo)

Who:  Medical professionals (all types) and their friends/families; there is a role for everyone!

What:  Humanitarian Medical Mission Trip - On this trip, the team will facilitate medical clinics to see patients/families in three settings: mobile clinics setup in underserved areas, door-to-door clinics in their homes, and in the newly built Center for Health and Wellness next to the mission house.  The team partners with and will receive training from local physicians who will be with the team the entire time.  There will be a recreation day as well as visits to a local hospital and FFP partner House of Light, an orphanage for children with multiple handicaps.  Full time FFP staff will be with the team 24/7 including FFP Medical Director Dr. Cici and National Directors Kristin Hamner and Michel Valentin.

Costs:  $1225, plus airfare.  Costs include food, lodging, purified water, in-country transportation, translators, local physicians, security, pre-trip planning, medicines, and post-trip follow-up.  Costs are not funded or subsidized by NCENA.

Lodging:  FFP's mission house in Santo Domingo includes the comforts of air-conditioning, hot water and WiFi.

Medical Requirements:  Due to the scarcity and difficult access to healthcare in the region, FFP does require COVID vaccination and booster for all trip participants to minimize any chance of severe COVID illness.  Additional CDC recommended vaccinations will be discussed during the team meetings.

Registration/Sign-Up:  FFP requests registration through their site at the following link -

Team/Informational Meeting:
Saturday, August 6
10:00 EST
via Zoom (

David McDonald has been going with this team since 2005 so you are welcome to contact him via the Contact Us link on our webpage.  More information is available about the FFP's medical/health mission trips at